Seminar on Finite Element Modelling

Publicada el 16 de marzo de 2023

A seminar called “Finite Element Modelling” will be given by PhD. Felipe Gabaldón on end of March, mainly focused for PhD Students of our university.

“The Finite Element Method is a calculation tool that is commonly applied in the design and production cycle of numerous fields of engineering: civil, mechanical, biomedical, etc. With it, the computational simulation of solid and fluid mechanics problems in static and dynamic regimes is carried out, making it possible to couple various problems of this type in the field of so-called multiphysics methods. Given the complexity of these problems, it is convenient, if not necessary, that scientists and technicians who develop finite element models know the fundamental aspects of the method and are not limited to using commercial codes as a “black box”. With this purpose, a course on the Finite Element Method is proposed, aimed at engineers and postgraduate and doctoral students who wish to acquire a solid and deep training in this field.”


For anyone interested on taking this seminar, contact the PhD Administration through email