The V Interdisciplinary Conference of Advanced Image and Signal Analysis took place

Works from different disciplines in the field were presented.

Publicada el 8 de mayo de 2019

The V Interdisciplinary Conference on Advanced Image and Signal Analysis (JIAAIS) took place on May 6 and 7 and was organized jointly with UTN Buenos Aires, the Department of Informatics Engineering of the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) and the Instituto de Desarrollo Humano of the Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (UNGS).

The aim of the event was to share a space of exchange between those interested in the field of image processing, signals processing and computing vision to debate new ideas, techniques and experiences.

The UTNBA Graduate School hosted the activities developed on May 7 while Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento was the site of the panels offered on May 6.

During the JIAAS, works from different disciplines were presented such as presentations performed with applications in statistics, SAR images, medical images and signal processing, among other topics of interest.

Dr. Alejandro Frery, Chair professor of Universidad Federal de Alagoas presented “Theory of statistical information and geometry of statistical information for the analysis of SAR images”, while Dr. Diego Rial from the Department of Mathematics of the Exact and Natural Sciences School of Universidad de Buenos Aires presented “Errors Model in Transmission lines through fiber optics”; Dr. Susana Ferraro, researcher from Instituto de Botánica del Nordeste, presented “Implementation of SVM and RDA indexes with different configurations for their parameters in Satellite Images”; researchers Paula Adaglio, Mateo Dennehy, and Juan Ignacio Etcheberry Mason presented “Unsupervised learning for the predictive maintenance of equipment, Anomalies detection in a pumps system using Autoencoders”.

Dr. Rocío Balderrama of Universidad de Buenos Aires presented “Frequency preference in simple signalling”, while Gabriela Palacio, MS, from Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, presented “Influence of a Space Resolution in the content of Polsar image information”.

Dr. Rodrigo Ramele from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires presented his research: “EEG Signal processing through multichannel gradient histograms”. Then followed Eng. Roxana Ramírez from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Paraná, who presented the work titled “Estimation of sediments production applying the MUSLE model in Santa María Village, Entre Ríos”.

On May 7, at UTN Buenos Aires Graduate School, the following Conferences were presented: “Differential SAR interferometry: cases of application”, by Dr. Leonardo Euillades, CONICET researcher; SketchZooms: Deep multi-view semantics-aware descriptors for line drawings, by Dr. Emmanuel Iarussi, CONICET – UTN researcher; “FPM: Obtaining resolution and visual field in microscopy”, by Juan Bujjamer and Hernán E. Grecco, from the Physics Department of Exact and Natural Sciences School of Universidad de Buenos Aires and Physics Institute of Buenos Aires, CONICET, respectively; “Estimation of Topotecan penetration time in cell culture”,  in charge of Eng. Marcelo Howling, from UTNBA; “Detection and classification of cloudiness movement by means of image treatment through sky observation cameras”, by Wolfram, Pallotta, Orte, Bali, D’Elia; Versatile Detector of Pseudo Periodic Patterns, Augusto Santini, Mariano Llamedo, Emiliano Diez, UTN-Universidad Nacional de Cuyo; Deep learning applications in computational vision problems, Dr. Claudio Delrieux, Universidad Nacional del Sur; and “A lead selection strategy based on an estimated detection quality index”, in charge of Dr. Mariano Llamedo, from the UTNBA Department of Electronics, and Juan Pablo Martínez, from the BSICoS Group, Aragon Institute of Engineering Research.