UTNBA signed a mutual collaboration agreement with CIFAL-Argentina

CIFAL-Argentina is one of the Global Network Centers of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, which is working towards achieving the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Publicada el 7 de julio de 2019

UTNBA signed two mutual collaboration agreements, one with the United Nations’ (UN) International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders from Argentina (CIFAL-Arg) and another with the EcoConciencia Foundation, member of CIFAL Argentina, in order to develop collaboration and assistance programs in all the areas of mutual understanding between the two institutions, represented by Lic. Rodolfo Alejandro Tarraubella and Lic. Jorge Judzon.

CIFAL is one of the Global Network Centers of the United Nations’ (UN) International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders, which is working towards the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

 “The Center’s goals include, for example, eliminating hunger, having drinking and unpolluted water available, keeping oceans clean, and developing industry, education and gender equality. It is also interested in renewable energy sustainability and in any action aimed at lowering carbon footprints,” explained José Luis Polti, MS, coordinator of the Renewable Energy Master’s program at UTNBA.

In parallel, the School’s goals include producing part of the energy consumed from renewable sources. In order to achieve this, it has searched for organizations willing to provide funding for this kind of projects: “We took this initiative to various organizations. Since one of the United Nations’ goals is to save energy, we held meetings and reached an agreement specifically in relation to this point. But there’s a wide range of possibilities that open for new agreements because there are many points in common aligned within the SDGs.”

Under this agreement, UTNBA will provide CIFAL Argentina with technological advisory and training for other projects: “We will work with them offering support for any kind of planning, under the scope of the 17 goals,” Polti expressed.