Nano Electronic Laboratory


Our research interests


Device physics:

Main field. We are focused on CMOS reliability (High mobility subs + High K dielectrics), 2D semiconductors, transport in mesoscopic systems, non-volatile memories (RS) and sensors



Integrated Circuits (IC):

MOSFET degradation impact on the IC long-term reliability.





Standard CMOS measurements

Techniques: I-V / V-I, C-V, multi-freq. C-V, QSCV, D_it calculation

      • Keysight E4980A
      • Keithley 2636B (x2)
      • Cascade Microtech EPS150TRIAX 6’’
      • Keithley 7001
      • EPS-UG-TC150-200C Thermal Chuck (30 – 200 °C)


Low-Temperature Characterization

Techniques: Hall Effect, DLTS, and all techniques,

      • Digital Deep Level Spectrometer: MODEL DDS-12
      • Lake Shore Model CRX-6.5K 2”


Noise Measurements

Techniques: Random Telegraph Noise, Low Frequency Noise

      • Femto DDPCA-300 and DHCPA-100
      • National Instruments PCI-4461



Techniques: Pulse I-V, current transients, TDDB, charge pumping

      • Keysight 81150A
      • Agilent MSO-X 3024A / Tektronix DPO70404C
      • Femto DDPCA-300 y DHPCA-100


RF Measurements

Techniques: S-parameters, adaptation

        • Rhode & Schwarz ZNB40
        • Lake Shore GSG-100-40A


Techniques: Optical litography up to 50 microns

      • Mutech Spinner
      • Hot-Plate D-Lab MS7-H550-S con sonda de temperatura.
      • UV lamp Figo 818
      • Keithley 7001
      • EPS-UG-TC150-200C Thermal Chuck (30 – 200 °C)





Our Team

Head of Laboratory


Prof. Felix Palumbo (PhD.)

Conicet Researcher



Ing. Sebastian Pazos

PhD student

Ing. Fernando Aguirre

PhD student

Lic. Santiago Boyeras

PhD student

Dr. Hernan Giannetta

PostDoc Conicet

Ing. Gabriel Maroli

PhD student