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Since 2009, UTN Buenos Aires has been coordinating an area to promote social activities involving School-related knowledge, as:   DIGITAL INCLUSION PROJECT This program aims at providing young people with the knowledge, tools and practical instruments so that they regard new technologies as allies in the learning process and as tools for social integration. To Leer másUNIVERSITY SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY[…]


In addition to academic activity, UTN Buenos Aires, through its Culture and University Extension Office, engages in: actions aimed at the strategic integration of the university community, relationship-building programs both at the national and international level, and the promotion of innovation and technological development. Such Office also coordinates the UTN Buenos Aires Music Project (composed Leer másENGAGEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY[…]


Through its Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Office, UTN Buenos Aires builds research promotion strategies framed in an integral vision of the national system. For that reason, the formation of work teams coordinated by teachers and research students becomes strategic. Not only do teachers guide and give support to the projects developed in the Research Leer másSCIENCE AND RESEARCH[…]


UTN Buenos Aires creates the basic conditions for, and deals with any related issues of, personal development and the ongoing improvement of university life. To further such purpose the university offers: – Its own medical care unit providing primary care to students and faculty members – Health-related prevention programs – A wide variety of sports Leer másSTUDENT WELLBEING[…]


– Specialist in Ergonomics – Specialist and Master in Quality Engineering – Specialist and Master in Information Systems Engineering – Master in Food Technology – Specialist and Master in Environmental Engineering – Specialist in Workplace Hygiene and Safety – Master in University Education – Specialist in Management Engineering – Master in Biotechnological Processes – Specialist Leer másGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS[…]


– Civil Engineering The Civil Engineering program at UTN Buenos Aires trains the student to conduct all tasks regarding the analysis, project, calculations, management, construction, inspection and maintenance of civil works according to their chosen major; that is, the construction of any kind of building, if a major in Buildings is chosen, and the design Leer másUNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS[…]


Located in the heart of the capital city, its more than 13,000 students position it as the biggest Engineering School in the country. UTN Buenos Aires has three facilities with vast space for classrooms, laboratories and recreational spaces which the University offers to students, faculty members and support staff. Moreover, all facilities have first-class technology Leer másUTN BUENOS AIRES[…]


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN) is a state-funded, public and federal University with 30 regional schools distributed across Argentina. It is the only University in the country which prioritizes Engineering courses of study in its academic structure. UTN has been training engineers for over 50 years. Professionals graduated from UTN have long been recognized for their Leer másUTN[…]


The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic. It is located in the central eastern region of the country, on the western bank of the Río de la Plata estuary, in the pampas plains. It has an estimated population of almost 3 million, with 12 million in its urban conglomerate, Leer másBUENOS AIRES[…]