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The School gave advice to the Olympic Youth Games organization to certify as "sustainable event"

Publicada el 16 de octubre de 2018

It would be the first Youth Olympic Games to achieve this qualification.

UTNBA Students and Researches built the first 100% national tomographer

Publicada el 15 de octubre de 2018

The work was conducted together with the CNEA and helped create a technology applicable to other projects.

Changes introduced in UTNBA’s Admission Seminar

Publicada el 14 de octubre de 2018

The intention is to facilitate the inclusion of students in university life.

UTNBA students became volleyball sub-champions at the Pan American University Games

Publicada el 13 de octubre de 2018

They were able to participate with the support of the School of Engineering.

The Data Science Cluster was created in the Industrial Engineering Degree Program

Publicada el 12 de octubre de 2018

The group of graduates that promotes it also presented the elective subject Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, aimed at Industrial Engineering students.

UTNBA Graduate participates in the development of the SAOCOM satellite

Publicada el 12 de octubre de 2018

With the information obtained from the satellites it will be possible to generate precise and high resolution maps of soil moisture.

First summit between UTNBA and the University of Washington Tacoma

Publicada el 5 de octubre de 2018

The event was attended by teachers and students from both universities, with the aim of sharing common interests on territorial and environmental issues.

UTNBA granted the CIIE Award to Innovation in Education

Publicada el 3 de octubre de 2018

The winner was Eng. Julian Drangosch, Physics II teacher.

With more than 350 attendees, the 7th edition of the UTNBA Conference on Renewable Energies was held

Publicada el 2 de octubre de 2018

The meeting is held twice a year and is organized by the Departments of Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; the LESES laboratory; the Wave Energy Project; the Science and Technology Office; the Student Center; and Student Mechanical Counselors.

UTNBA streamlined processes for procedures in Technical degree programs

Publicada el 2 de octubre de 2018

The Culture and University Extension Office managed to reduce the waiting time to begin the process of obtaining the diploma to 5 months and answer questions within a maximum period of 48 hours.